First Floor Freezing?

Request a Home Energy Audit

This page of the blog is dedicated to Henson Ridge residents that have freezing cold first floors. In speaking to my neighbors, I learned that I’m not the only one that has an uninhabitable frist floor during the winter. Are you a Henson Ridge resident with the same problem?

Here’s my approach to solving it. The District Department of the Environment (DDOE) offers free Home Energy Audits. I propose that everyone in 8E01 that owns a home in Henson Ridge have one of these free audits performed. The audit “provides homeowners with cost-effective, energy improvement recommendations” (May 29, 2008 Home Energy Audit Press Release). An exerpt from the same press release reads:

“The HERS Program will send a RESNET-certified auditor to evaluate a home’s existing energy condition, including walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, hot water heating, heating and cooling mechanical systems and other related aspects. Once the home audit is complete, a detailed HERS improvement analysis report is provided to the homeowner. Recommendations range from no-cost behavioral changes to major improvements to reduce energy loss in the home.”

After each 8E01 Henson Ridge homeowner has completed one of these audits, I (along with any volunteers) will gather copies of the reports and find similarities. If the same or very similar issues are identified in a majority of our homes, I plan to take the results to the developer, city council and whom ever else is necessary to have something done about the drastic temperature change on the first floor of our homes.

I feel that we should be able to enjoy our entire home year round. If this is a universal issue, I believe we should work together to have something done about it, at no cost to us. If there is something in the construction that is preventing us from enjoying our homes, I believe the builder should remedy that issue.

What I need from you: visit and shedule a home energy audit. These inspections cost between $400-$700 on the open market and it is a wonderful free service offered by the District government. Several voices are more powerful than one and the home energy audit is an impartial, unbiased way to gather quantitative information supporting the temperature disparity between the first floor and the rest of the house. Share your results with me and help build the case collectively that something must be done. The red arrows below show where to go to fill out the form and make a reservation for a certified home inspector.

Click "Free Home Energy Audit" and you will be taken to the form page to request an audit

If your home is unbearably cold on the first floor, please share your comments here and schedule a FREE home energy audit to help us collectively build a case to support a change. Also, if you have a unique skill set, specific knowledge, or a desire to participate in analyzing the data we receive, please reach out to me and we can begin to craft our approach to fixing this issue. Volunteers are welcome.


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