The State of Our Community

Fellow Henson Ridge Residents,

I’m writing this letter directly to you. I left my house last Sunday morning with the intention to take a jog and get some fresh air. It quickly became apparent that I wouldn’t be getting much exercise because the state of our community quickly caught my attention. As I entered Phase I of our neighborhood I noted man hole coverts that were open and filled with trash, exposed drainage pipes on the playground that were broken and battered, trash cans that were uncovered and leaning to reveal their contents, mailboxes that are rusted and eyesores of the community, and unkept lawns and side yards overrun with what my mother called “crab grass.”

The sight was actually quite shocking because I just recently had what I’ll describe as a minor kerfuffle with the rental office about the state of my HOA dues. In my interaction with the office, they noted how the rental office can’t keep up with the lawn care and grounds maintenance if community members don’t pay their HOA dues. Additionally, in a conversation I had with the developer over a year ago, she expressed to me a similar concern in that homeowners (at that time) weren’t paying their dues, and therefore the rental subsidies provided by the District for the rental units were covering the cost of general grounds and community maintenance.

It is with these conversations, and observations in mind that I write this letter to you, my neighbors and fellow residents of Henson Ridge. Is the rental office finally saying, in a covert way, you homeowners that aren’t paying your dues – here – live with unkept lawns, un painted mailboxes and un repaired community amenities.  Has the subsidy that the developer alluded to last year run its course and is the rental office sticking to the letter of the law by way of he who pays, receives? Or is the state of our community a result of general neglect and laziness?

I encourage you, my fellow neighbors and readers of this post, to add comments that outline your thoughts, and concerns if you have them, about the state of our community. I don’t’ know what exactly the motivation is, or how widespread the issue of non-payment of dues is, but I would deffinately like  to know who I take this up with. How do we ensure that our community is kept in the best possible manner? Is the current state of our community a result of a majority of homeowners NOT paying their dues and the coffers have no money in them? Or is the current state of our community a result of sub standard management and follow through on the part of the rental office? I’m interested in your thoughts on the source of the issue….and how to resolve it.

The photos below are of what I saw on my Sunday morning stroll.

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5 responses to “The State of Our Community”

  1. Jamie says :

    I agree with all of the above. I am ready for some repercussions for those who do not pay their dues. We recently received the statement for our next door neighbor in error, and I was horrified to see that they are more than $1,200 behind in their HOA dues. Some consequences must be applied to these accounts or we will all (especially homeowners) suffer the consequences. I would like to reconnect with other Henson Ridge homeowners who want to take action on this matter. I bet we could really affect some change if we joined forces.

  2. Lady P says :


    I think the response you received from the management company was bogus and irresponsible. From my understanding the HOA dues have nothing to do with keeping up the playground, manholes, and other issues that seem to have a negative effect on the community. I have been also paying my dues and regret it each month. My yard does not have grass at all because of the lack of shade. My soil also attracts flies and other insects. I have spent alot of money trying to maintain my yard. I asked the rental office what exactly the lanscaping company responsibility was and they simply said to only cut the grass. Well I don’t have grass and if that is where my HOA dues are going is it fair to continue to pay. What about the homeowners with fences that are paying and not receiving services either. I understand we now have a board of some sort but I am unclear as to what their role is. The management (Edegewood) should be held accountable for the playground and other general/ common grounds areas. I constantly have to stay on top of them to keep the grounds clean.

  3. urbanWOM says :

    My sister and I purchased our townhome in July 2005 and have never missed a payment. This past summer, they “the Rental” office mistakingly sent us a bill stating that they were collecting for past dues starting from 2009. So, I called to first see why they sent us the bill and more importantly why it stated from 2009. I spoke with a guy who was new and he stated that they switched computer systems and only had recorded payments from late 2008 and onward. So, they dont have receipts/records of any payments from 2005, 2006, 2007, and part of 2008. I was livid. I have all our receipts and wondered what type of property management company doesn’t keep records on their homeowner’s HOA dues. I truly believe that the management company has very unorganized over the years. And, needs to be accountable. Because what are they doing with my $$.

    If they selectively cut renters grass, they should do the same for my property. Because why am I paying?? Thanks for this post. My sister and I both live out state. But, we pay and now I’m not sure what were paying for…..

    • Nicole Martin says :

      My ‘minor kerfuffle’ with the rental office was similar in nature. I actually go over and ask for a print out of my status every other month or so and they still didn’t have the details right. It’s a shame. Thank you for your post!

  4. D.Kaufman says :

    It’s sad that people don’t have more pride in their community. There should be repercussions for those that don’t pay their HOA dues if that is indeed the case; however, I believe management should at minimum keep playgrounds safe and lawns maintained properly. It will take a community effort to get things right! Keep it alive and send link to management.

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