What a day in Washington DC! – Ward 8 Democrats convention de brief

Saturday, September 17 was a packed day across the District! There was so much going on yesterday that it was hard to keep up with everything!

My day began with the Ward 8 Democrats convention. Congress Heights on the Rise (www.congressheightsontherise.com) has great video of the outcome of the event (reproduced below).

Jacque Patterson gave a very nice transition speech while literally passing the gavel to Joyce Scott, the new president. A very emotional Scott gave a heartfelt acceptance speech, vowing to “stop the ugliness,” while encouraging the audience to “use your talents as gifts.” Ms. Scott gave kudos to Natalie Williams, her contender, sharing an emotional hug between the two of them. It looks to be a blossiming sense of partnership that will hopefully translate to great accomplishments for the Ward 8 Democrats in the coming years.

Video courtesy of  www.CongressHeightsontheRise.com.

In addition to voting, there were numerous workshops held throughout the day. I attended the seminar on boards and commissions (see a subsequent post for details) and the social networking seminar. At the latter I met the proprietors of the “Congress Heights on the Rise” and “And Now Anacostia” blogs – both of which have helped to shape my exposure, thoughts and access to ward 8 blogs – and so much more.

All and all, it was a great event and I’m looking forward to working with the Ward 8 Democrats in the future.


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