Input Requested: Ferebee Hope Swimming Pool Programs

Ferebee Hope swimming pool is under new management!

Ms. Wendy Glenn is the new DPR Site Manager for Ferebee Hope Recreation Center.  She has been inspired by the children and young adults that frequent the Recreation Center and she is seeking community input into what programs will be the most beneficial for the patrons of the pool.

So far, requests for basketball, cheerleading/dance, Girl Scouts, and Double-Dutch have come from the younger children. The young adult population has requested job skills training and job placement assistance (how to get that entry-level job, how to apply to technical school, am I qualified to go to college or is it too late, how do I overcome a criminal background, etc.).

They are seeking input on what our seniors and middle-aged adults might like. They asked me and I’m asking you!

What would you like to see as a program offering for Ferebee Hope Swimming Pool?

I want to hear your comments. Please reply to this post and let me know. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the new Program Director.

Want to hear your input!


One response to “Input Requested: Ferebee Hope Swimming Pool Programs”

  1. OLQPSummerCamp says :

    I would love to see water aerobics, volleyball, intro to water polo, and swimming lessons…later hours would be great, and times locked in for lap swimming…

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