The Power of Words

It’s Monday morning, about 8:30am and I’m rushing like everyone else trying to get everything together for my day – did I remember to call that client back? Do I have her number – I know I’ll need it later – these and more thoughts are going through my head and I hear, Matt Lauer on the Today show in the background, say “today is some kind of holiday in DC.” The words didn’t strike me as much as how he said it. Almost condescendingly. It stopped me in my tracks. I assume he was talking about the deferred tax deadline but the holiday he’s referring to was clearly Emancipation Day.

We all know DC Emancipation Day is technically April 16 but it was celebrated this past Friday April 15th. Therefore, the tax submission deadline was postponed until today, April 18.

I did a quick YouTube and Google search for the clip and couldn’t find it (if anyone can find the clip from this morning, PLEASE post it in the comments), but what I did find, posted on the 4/15 “Public Square” of, was moving. I know notihing about the site – I StumbledUpon (pun intended) it while looking for the Today show clip. They had the below video embedded and it seemed extremely appropriate. So I will now return to my normally hasty Monday morning but I thought it important to stop and remind us all that it’s not always about what you say, but how you say it.


One response to “The Power of Words”

  1. Vincentr says :

    This was truly inspirational!! Thanks fior sharing…

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