Ward 8 Young Dems SBOE Candidate Forum

Saturday the Ward 8 Young Democrats held a State Board of Education Candidate Forum. Everyone was invited, only Eugene Kinlow and Trayon White showed up. In fairness, the event was rescheduled from last Saturday, where I understand everyone came, the Ward 8 Democrats meeting ended at 2:00pm (Young Dems Start time) and it was DC Emancipation day; so many candidates likely had other commitments. Phillip Pannell sent a very nice note (Pannell W8 Young Dems Response) apologizing for his absence. The above events not withstanding…what happened to everyone else?

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I have to say, I was impressed with Mr. White. I had all but overlooked him before last weeks Barry endorsement. And Saturday, he seemed to have a command of the issues and a real connection with the children he will be representing (if elected). Mr. Kinlow had to leave early for another engagement and I commend him for showing up on a rainy day when he was clearly ripping and running around town. I was thoroughly impressed with him at the Ward 8 SBOE Candidate Forum in March but in a room where there were more teenagers than adults, not so much. He’s clearly done a lot for the ward, but when asked the direct question of what he’s done for the children of the ward (by one of the teenagers in attendance), his answer was weaker than when answering questions about his overall service.

Check out the tweet roll on the left for my tweets and @WilliamEllisPhD for his tweets during the event for the play-by-play.

VOTE ON APRIL on April 26th!


3 responses to “Ward 8 Young Dems SBOE Candidate Forum”

  1. S.S. Seegars says :

    Don’t be fooled by sheep in wolves clothing. I believe White is not a good representative for Ward 8. I believe all of the other candidates would have been a better selection.
    It seems the voters don’t vote on experience or qualifications, but on glib verbiage.
    Question: Was White recently arrested for driving without a license?
    Why does White drive cars with VA tags and continuously park them on DC streets?
    Is H.I.C.K.S. Inc. incorporated in DC?
    Does glib verbiage means a person can write policies and regulations for our schools?

    Nontheless, he won the election, thereupon, I suppose we all need to support him so we won’t be the laughing stock of the nation.

    • Nicole Pugh says :

      I agree with the statement that we do need to support him. Regardless of who we would have liked to win, we now have to stand unified behind our representative.

  2. S.S. Seegars says :

    It seems the younger residents in Ward 8 are discriminatory against residents who are over 35, or who have been here over 20 years. New residents come in try to take over without knowing what the issues really are.
    It was said that only the young people could vote to endorse a candidate, therefore, why show up becuase some of the canidates couldn’t vote for themselves.
    How would a young Democrat feel if the Ward Eight Democrats Inc. would not let them participate?

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