City Year is Always Ready!

Today is Global Youth Services Day. SMD8E01 celebrated by supporting the City Year efforts at Johnson Middle School. City Year organized a beautification day in Single Member District 8E01 and the community, and the city came out in droves to support!

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This is one of 20 service activities happening across the city today. Representatives from Serve DC and the Director of Community Affairs for the Mayor were there. Along with Johnsons Principal and the Executive Director of City Year.

We began the day with City Year PT. The PT team demonstrated shoulder openers and body loosening exercises to the audience and then it was our turn. Each exercise ended with a “HUH!”The entire room of volunteers, about 50, then participated in a Spirit Break – all hands in the center.

I worked on the Congress Heights Museum room. I have to say, City Year did a wonderful job of preparing for us. The room was all stocked and prepared,  the paint station was full service and the map of DC we were to fill in was already sketched out. The City Year participants were armed with full information and fervor to take on the task.

I had to leave early to get to the Ward 8 Young Dems School Board Candidate Forum, but when I left, everyone was eating stomach warming lunch provided by the DC Central Kitchen and gearing up for an afternoon of service.

Great Job City Year!


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