Econ Development Bulletin: Resources Update

This is an updated post to the March 25th update on small business resources. I sent a note to one of my constituents yesterday looking to start a business. I thought I would repeat the information here because I’ve learned a bit more in the recent weeks about DC small business support programs. Here’s the note, with links:

Here are a few websites and details that might help in the business development process.

Great Streets Business Council:

This is the group that gives the $25K micro loans. Their services are only for businesses east of the river.


The eBIC is open to any business in DC and was once a division of the Small Business Association, they have since separated from them. The have a center in the MLK library with resource councilors, access to software, guidance on business formats etc.

DC Bar pro-bono program:

This program holds monthly seminars where DC small business owners can come get free legal advice. In addition to their monthly clinics, they offer periodic courses. I’m currently in one that is held every Tuesday in April discussing employment law for small businesses.

Congresswoman Nortons Small business access to capital event (4/26):

SB11 Participant Invite & Registration

This is a free seminar for DC small businesses only that will have several people there to provide access to capital and other valuable information for DC based small businesses. I’ve had at least 7 people tell me how important this event is and how much information they get out of it.



This is the small business website. They offer several classes and resources to DC small businesses. They have a 12 week bonding course that is stellar.  There is an information session on 4/13.


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