Marion Barry Letter to the Mayor

UPDATED (4/1/11): Revised email to the Mayor. I received this via email on 3/29. This original post was published on 3/26: Council Member Barry’s FY 12 Budget Letter to Mayor Gray

Yesterday, Marion Barrys office released a detailed request from the Mayor. Among the requested items:

  • An increase in the ANC budget
  • Build out of Ward 8 recreation centers
  • Quadruple the budget of the Office of Ex-Offender Affairs

Click the link to read the full letter: BARRY SEEKS MONEY IN THE FY 12 BUDGET FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT THE MOST


3 responses to “Marion Barry Letter to the Mayor”

  1. newresident says :

    PS: Yes, more and much more resources should come to River East neighborhoods to establish long-term sustainability. However, I just cannot get over the fact that Marion Barry has been in DC politics from 1972 till 2011; that’s 39 years! And today Ward 7 & 8 is like living in the city time left behind or the forgotten city.

    And now the mayor for life sends a letter, a letter, to mayor Gray. Why didn’t Barry speak on ANY of these issues in his State of Ward 8 Address; he spent more time telling stories about his earlier years and preaching a sermon on liberation. It is crystal clear that the best thing for Ward 8 is liberation from Marion Barry. I’m not hating on Barry; I simply want what’s best for the masses in 2012.

    • Nicole Pugh says :

      Great points. I think we have to begin to put our focus on what’s next not what’s happened. We’ve got to being to take responsibility for our actions and encourage our children to make wise decisions.

  2. newresident says :

    Barry said, “Further, we should mandate that “underperforming students” to be required to go to summer school, and be paid while learning.”

    DO NOT pay students, nor mandate it! Charge a fee for summer school like other cities.
    NEVER should students get cash for attending summer school. Barry’s ideology is what keeps residents in a state of needy, gimmy, and where’s the govt..

    Barry says, “We must begin to break the cycle of generational unemployment and poverty.”
    So, paying high schoolers to flunk a few classes and get paid during summer school helps to break a negative cultural cycle of always looking for something from the govt.?

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