Econ Development Bulletin: Small Business Focus – DC Resources

I’ve been a licensed realtor for many years and several of you know that I recently left corporate America to build a full time real estate practice. I learned several things during my time in the “rat race” and in school and am putting them into practice for myself in building my business.

All of my experience supports what my parents taught me years ago – people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan. To that end, I’m in search of any and everything I can find that indicate how businesses should be created, capitalized, and tracked. In the week that I’ve been looking, I’ve found a LOT more than I expected.

You’ll notice there is a new category on the page titled “Resources.” This section is dedicated to small business resources that I collect while I’m on this journey. So far I’ve found the DC Great Streets Business Leadership Council, the e-BIC, and the DC Bar Pro Bono Program.

As a part of the 8E Economic Committee, I’ll be posting events, resources and other items that may help grow, foster, or support your small business. For consistency, I’ll also attempt to begin the post with “Econ Development Bulletin,” just in case you’re in a hurry and want to quickly identify something.

Here’s to prosperity!

Be willing to take a couple of steps backwards to make a huge leap forward.


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