At-Large Candidates’ Endorsement Forum – Recap

The Ward 8 Democrats today held their at-large candidates forum for the DC At-Large Councilmember seat. The forum began at 12:00noon at Mathews Memorial Baptist Church in SE.

The event was packed from the beginning and included a spirited question and answer session.

The forum was set up for the candidates to answer questions from the audience and address community concerns. Check out my tweets, and tweets from @ward8youngdems for interesting one-liners that came out of the event.

The candidates in attendance included:

  • Sekou Biddle
  • Thomas Brown
  • Dorothy Douglas
  • Joshua Lopez
  • Vincent Orange
  • Bryan Weaver

Ground rules of the event stated that each person asking a question had to direct it to only two of the candidates. I asked what Mr. Weaver and Mr. Lopez planned to do to to help us train our children to be prepared for jobs at St. Elizabeths. Take a listen to their responses. In the audio, Mr. Weaver answered first, Mr. Lopez second. As an interesting aside, you can her Mary Cuthbert, Commissioner ANC8C03 and Mr. Lopez have a brief exchange…in case you can’t make out his response to her comment, he said “don’t interrupt” – – the last part of his comment -“me again” was cut off of the recording.

Click this link to listen: At-Large Council ANC8E01 Commissioner Question & Answer

CHOTR has been following Mary for a while. More information :

Here are a few photos from the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The At-Large Council Special Election is on April 26, 2011. Let your voice be heard.

3 responses to “At-Large Candidates’ Endorsement Forum – Recap”

  1. newresident says :

    As a newbie resident to DC and Ward 8, today I witness six qualified and impressive candidates; subsequently, I found Tom Brown a highly personal favorite. Overall the event was very informative and beneficial toward directing my personal voting selection on April 26.
    The event’s down side was the allowance of repeated disrespectful comments from the audience. Two women (a disabled women in front named Cutburt(?) and a well-known tall and slinder woman in the back) were out of order and should’ve been removed from the facility. At one time, candidate Lopez told Cutburt “and don’t interrupt me again.” I thought his response was most appropriate.

    • Nicole Pugh says :

      New Resident – Welcome to Ward 8! The event today was most informative and impressive – I agree. I too was pleasantly surprised by Browns presentation. I found myself nodding in agreement with several of his statements. I’m glad the event helped with clarity in your decision in April. It’s an important election.

      • newresident says :

        The behavior demonstrated at this event is indicative of other black democrat community groups across America: self implosion. Implosion is the reason for break off orgs. ( REEL, Young Dems & others) because the old guard want their 15min of fame. I think the old guard should always allow the youth to lead as they advise and mentor.

        Can anyone give me the inside scoop on two burning question:
        1. Why did V. Orange receive 75% of the vote (winning the Ward 8 Dems endorsement ) while two Ward 8 residents received five votes and less?
        2. Why is Biddle heavily supported by Barry, Brown and others?

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