What do you think? Proposed Charter Schools Coming to Ward 8

The District of Columbia Public Charter School Board recently announced they will be holding a public hearing on 19 applications to establish public charter schools in Washington DC. The hearings will be eld on Monday, March 21 from 6:00pm-10:00pm and Tuesday, March 22, 2011 from 6:00-10:00pm at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, 1100 Harvard St. NW. Final decisions will be made during the April 25th monthly meeting.

The schools looking to locate in Ward 8 currently include (click title to read the executive summary):

  1. Renaissance – 885 Barnaby St. – High School/ General Education
  2. Gerry P. Stephens STARS Academy – Ward 8 – Early Childhood/ General Education
  3. Driven to Succeed High School – Ward 8 – All male high school
  4. DC Scholars – Wards 7&8 – Early Childhood/Elementary Education
  5. Gilchrist Academy – Wards 7&8 – All male middle school

The full list is here. If the schools are approved, they will open in the Fall of 2012.

What is your opinion?

How do you feel about the proposed charter schools coming to Ward 8? Fill in the form to post your comments and plan to attend one of the two offered meetings to have your voice heard.

Interesting Asides:

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released a report in January 2010 titled  “How State Charter Laws Rank Against The New Model Public Charter School Law.” The full report can be found here. One passage reads “there is one jurisdiction that stands out above all others in terms of the level of operational autonomy that it provides to its public charter schools: the District of Columbia. The law makes it clear that D.C.’s public charter schools are fiscally and legally autonomous entities, with independent governing boards. It also clearly provides automatic exemptions from most state and district laws and regulations, and automatically excludes schools from the existing collective bargaining agreement between D.C. Public Schools and the Washington, D.C. Teachers’ Union.”

This Washington Post editorial, from July 2010, discusses what happens when charter schools fail.



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