Uniontown After the Grand Opening

Fellow SE patrons and residents. We undoubtedly have all witnessed the deserved publicity of the arrival of Uniontown Bar and Grill in historic Anacostia. Washington Post writer Chris Jenkins characterized it by saying “It could be a midday scene from any of U Street’s chic hipster joints or an Adams Morgan eatery. But what makes the scene unusual is where it’s happening: in Anacostia, a long-neglected area of the city where, until recently, residents’ entertainment and retail options were few.” Click HERE to read the full review.

I’m an early adopter to a certain extent but I’m perhaps most interested in sustenance and follow-up. To that end, I visited Uniontown yesterday afternoon for two reasons:

  1. To actually taste the food. I was there the night Mr. Jenkins reviewed the opening and it was standing room only – ordering food was out of my reach – with taking in all the scenery and pinching myself to recognize I’m in SE and not on U St. I was already experiencing sensory overload.
  2. To see if any old Saturday would draw a crowd.

I’d left an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration training that morning on U St. and stopped into BusBoys to grab a bite and do a few things on the internet. I saw some familiar faces, and after greeting them, asked for a seat near an outlet. Well, there were parties of 3 or more waiting for seats, but being a lone wolf usually leads to immediate seating. Not this time. There were a few seats, but none with the requisite outlet. After standing for a few minutes, I remembered Uniontown and decided to come to my neighborhood bar and grill instead of joining the “party of 3’s” standing around waiting.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised. I arrived about 12:30 to a few patrons at the bar, one server and a bar tender. It was relaxed and welcoming. My first question was “are there seats near an outlet?” I got the one spot in the joint with easy access to 120v of electricity, and the server even pulled up another high-top so I had space for my computer and my food. How nice! As the afternoon grew, so did the crowd. First a group of ladies came in, then a family of 3 with an adolescent son. Two older gentlemen soon followed, from my vantage point the men looked skeptical but seemed to enjoy their meal. Then the flood gates opened. Before long, the place was packed!

Take a look at my personal time phased photo diary of Uniontown.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And oh by the way – the food was fantastic! So many people joined I eventually gave up my second table to accommodate a “party of 3” and soon made my exit. It’s not the kind of place where you sit and work/blog/surf the net – clearly table turnover is a an important factor due to restaurant size and setup. Maybe I’ll begin to spend as much time at Uniontown as I once did at Busboys and start to see new familiar faces.


3 responses to “Uniontown After the Grand Opening”

  1. Nicole Pugh says :

    Thanks for reading the post – hope you enjoyed the visit!

  2. Akwasi says :

    Headed there this weekend to check it out.

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