Miss the meeting?

Well here’s all the info you’ll need!

The ANC8E01 monthly meeting is every third Thursday at the Southeast Learning and Tennis Center (700 Mississippi Ave. SE).

Our featured speaker was Leon Swain, the Chairperson of the DC Taxicab Commission. He shared very good and detailed insight on the rules and regulations taxi drivers must follow, upcoming changes to taxi cab regulations and his desired future process and technology updates.

Leon Swain Contact Card

Current Regulations:

Several tidbits of information came out of Mr. Swains presentation. Some information was new news to me while otherinformation was a welcome reminder:

– It is against the law for a driver to ask where you’re going before you get in the cab.
– The maximum fair for a trip within the city is $19.
– Complaints have gone down since the meter system was introduced.

Rate details:

– Rate 1 is the general rate It should automatically be programmed when you enter.
– Rate 2 is used for inter state trips and should be used when traveling across state borders.
– Rate 3 is the snow emergency rate and only used in Snow emergencies Under rate 3 the meter automatically adds 25% to the fare. The taxi cab commissioner is the only one with the power to declare a snow emergency.
– By law you can receive a meter receipt. The meter receipt has all of the necessary information – drivers name, rate, etc. If the meter works, the printer works. There is $1,000 fine if it dosen’t.
– Smaller tires make the meter run faster. If the cab isn’t sitting level they may be gaming the meter.
– Complaints must be entered within 30 days.
– Drivers picture ID should be posted where passengers can see it.

Regulation changes:
Title 31 lists the operating guidelines for DC taxi cabs. A new Version is under development and will include some of the following changes:
– It will address driver behavior.
– A public meeting was held about 2 weeks ago for comment on the draft .
– The revised regulation has enforcement opportunities that were not in the previous version. (current Title 31: http://dctaxi.dc.gov/dctaxi/cwp/view,a,1187,q,487959,taxiNav,%7C30625%7C.asp)

Desired Future Updates:
Mr. Swain briefly discussed the Chicago law for taxis that requires them to serve all communities. According to Mr. Swain, they are able to do this because the cabs in Chicago are equipped with GPS systems that allow the commission to track if in fact the prescribed number of routes are made to areas designated as “undereseved.” Mr. Swain exposed his desire to institue a similar system in the District of Columbia.

Finally, the taxicab commission presentation ended with notification that the commission is currently performing stings to determine if drivers are being unfair.

A big thank you to The DC Taxicab commission for their time. See you at the meeting next month!


One response to “Miss the meeting?”

  1. Rockshire says :

    This is excellent information not only for residents but also visitors to the city.

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