Hello World! Inauguration 2011 makes it official

January 2, 2011 marked the first day of the current ANC Commissioner term. The Mayor, Council Members, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, State Board of Education Members, and Shadow United States Representatives were all sworn in at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. I am personally very excited about the possibilities for the incoming cadre of people. We have strong leadership in a seasoned and accomplished Council, dedicated Board of Education members and a healthy mixture of tenured and freshman ANC Commissioners. Mayor Gray outlined his vision for “One City” and the pillars upon which his term as mayor are founded:

– Fiscal stability for our city

– Ensuring our kids get a great education

– Getting people back to work

– Having neighborhoods where every family feels safe

– Working towards DC statehood

Here’s video of his ANC Inaugural speech:

Read the full text of Mayor Grays inauguration speech here.

Mayor Gray was dedicated to having the Inaugural Ball accessible to the largest number of people as possible. The event had a wonderful turnout and included people from all parts of the city and all walks of life. The DCist blog has a great photo booth reel, a few of my personal pictures (albeit it much worse than the DCist’s) are here:

Chuck Brown was a part of the party

Great Food

Party Goers

The Evenings MC's - Jamie Foster Brown and Big Tigger


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